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Real-time-marketing-715-x-452In Real-Time Communication (RTC) we care about delay. The information whether it is signaling or media is not important when the timeout is triggered. Simply make the time real and the communication real time.

Protocols/Standards that you need to know: SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, SRTP, STUN, TURN, ICE, TLS, DTLS, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, SCTP, IP, JSEP (abstraction of the inner working of the SDP), WebRTC framwork, QoS (DivServ and RSVP), DNS,  SSH,….etc.

And of course you need to know REST(HTTP based) and JSON (data representation) for API based calling.

As everything is going to be virtual, we need to take care of VOIP service being as a virtual service running on the cloud.

I am assuming you are working on Linux. If your Linux distribution is different from the one that is used in an article. Please read the article and do the corresponding procedures in your system. There will be no big difference. For example you have read that you have to install the package “ncurses-devel” on your system as following:

# yum install ncurses-devel

And you have Debian instead of Red Hat, the previous command will be:

# apt-get install ncurses-dev.

Note: Fedora (Linux distribution) has dropped ‘yum’ package manager and now uses ‘dnf’ so the command would be:

# dnf install ncurses-devel

Be careful when yo do copy and paste of any command (e.g. two minus displayed and copied as one).

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