Aliases in VOIP Systems


Alias(General term): Not the real name. For example My real name is “Binan” as it is written in the civil registry. but you can call me “Beta” (alias) as people used to call. We see this in VOIP world and it is very useful when we don’t want to publish our real names. This gives very clever way to get this way of mapping between the real names and the aliases in the communication systems. The network nodes can do some sort of translation depending on some rules stored in the local database.


For example SIP proxy can store multiple SIP addresses for the same user: # Original-URI # Alias-URI # Alias-URI

The sip proxy does the translation of Alias-URI to Original-URI. This happens only by the proxy who is responsible for user (local user). The mapping between Alias-URI and Original-URI is stored in database. Both the username and the domain name in the URI can be aliased.

In OpenSIPS SIP server:

  • The alias’s module :
  • Database table name (default): dbaliases
  • The lookup is done on the R-URI (Requested URI).

Performance is better if memory caching is supported.

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