Running RTPEngine Under Systemd Control


To compile and install RTPEngine go here.

To run the RTPEngine under systemd control, follow these steps:

# git clone

# cd rtpengine-systemd

Edit the configuration file ” rtpengine-conf ” to reflect your configuration. Then install the files in your system:

# cp rtpengine-conf /etc/default/rtpengine-conf

# cp rtpengine.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/rtpengine.service

# cp rtpengine-start /usr/bin/rtpengine/rtpengine-start
# cp rtpengine-stop-post /usr/bin/rtpengine/rtpengine-stop-post

# chmod +x /usr/bin/rtpengine/rtpengine-start

# chmod +x /usr/bin/rtpengine/rtpengine-stop-post

In the systemd unit file, the option “ExecStopPost” is used to clean the system after the RTPEngine daemon is stopped. This incolves: deleting the forwarding table, the iptables related rules, and unload the kernel module (xt_RTPENGINE).

Now you can enable/start/stop/status the rtpengine service as following:

# systemctl enable rtpengine.service

# systemctl start rtpengine.service

# systemctl status rtpengine.service

# systemctl stop rtpengine.service

If you do enable, then the rtpengine will be automatically started by the Systemd after boot.

This work is a translation of the Sipwise ngcp-rtpengine-daemon.init script to what Systemd needs.

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