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I am Binan AL-Halabi, the author of these articles. I am interested and experienced  in Real Time Communications (RTC). I am trying to explain in a simple and clear way. The articles talk about things that are not easy or not easily found on internet or in books. This is taken according to the date of  publishing.

  • My public key’s fingerprint: 1CF2 C692 DD22 CABD 1B8D  9751 D461 4A11 EFE5 1873 .Registered on Keybase PGP directory.

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  • Master (2 Years Program) in Wireless communication (European Commission Erasmus Mundus scholarship), Lund university, Sweden 2010. Thesis: ”End-to-End Quality of Service in IP Multimedia Subsystem with policy unification”. Briefly involves establishing a call using SIP signaling protocol (from SIP terminal in E-UMTS access to IP-based core -IMS). DiffServ (QoS classes) and IntServ (RSVP protocol) are combined to achieve end-to-end quality of service for the call. COPS protocol is used for admission control of resources.
  • Diploma (1 year program) in computer networks and operating systems. Courses: Distributed Systems, Network Services, Advanced Networks, Information Systems Security, and Wireless Communication Systems.
  • Bachelor (5 Years Program) in computer networks and operating systems, Damascus university, Syria, 2005. Graduation project title : building traffic shaper for LAN. C#.NET is used as development environment.

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  • The Language and the Culture are the Same Thing.
  • Extend Your Memory by Writing What You Know and What You Can. Virtual Memory is NOT Restricted to Machines.
  • Love Comes through Everything (Work, Activities, Family,  Friends, …).
  • The Scientists Are Staying Forever.
  • Leave A Positive Fingerprint in Life (Your Life Is Your Message).
  • People Need To Be Treated As Human Beings. Don’t forget that.
  • It’s My Dad’s Voice that I Carry Inside Me. He Himself Can Not Do It.
  • You will Always be a Loser If You Fight Against a Fool.